Artist Demian Thompson working at The Parlour Tattoo in Eugene, Oregon
  • Hometown: Eugene, Oregon – born and raised.
  • Licensed to Tattoo: 16 years
  • First Tattoo He Got and When: A raven on my forearm. About 16 years ago.
  • If He Could Be Any NON-fictional Person: A Jedi – I do not consider Star Wars to be fiction.
  • Mad skills according to his 9 year old:  He’s good at cooking, especially chicken! He’s good at painting and doing pretty tattoos. He’s good at driving Remote Control cars, and being a dad, he takes really good care of us! He’s really good at shooting things with guns and especially buying things!! He has a smart mouth and is good with witty comebacks. He’s a good teacher, he teaches us lots of stuff. He’s good at yelling at boys and throwing kids over fences. And he looks really good in a suit!